Blogs, Vlogs, and Videos - Educating people about audism through vlogs
Audism Free America - blog promoting the civil liberties of the Deaf; based in New York
CODA International - An organization for Children of Deaf Adults
Deaf 411 Online - News and videos, including the most Deaf friendly states in the U.S.
Deaf Linx - Linguistics, Deaf culture, interpreting information, books, art, events, and much more.
DeafNation - Traveling expos, events, and videos by and for Deaf people
DeafRead - Deaf blogs and vlogs
Deaf - Deaf vlogs
Deaf Wellness Center - At University of Rochester Medical Center; provides research and videos in ASL on health issues
new.jpgDr. DonG's Deafhood Discourse - Vlog related to Audism, Deafhood and other aspects of Deaf culture, by Dr. Don Grushkin, professor of ASL/Deaf Studies at Sacramento State College of Education.
Gallaudet Video Library - Videos from Gallaudet University.
John A. Logan Interpreter Training Program - ASL stories, vocabulary, fingerspelling, vlogs, and more
Kiss Fist Magazine - A Deaf magazine
Oh So EZ - ASL Videos - Videos of Hymns in ASL and links to other video sites.
OIC Movies
Signcasts - Deaf vlogs
*For more videos check out Medical Interpreting Resources, Religious Interpreting Resources, ASL Videos, Drugs & Alcohol Signing Resources, Video Blogs


National Clearinghouse for Rehabilitation Training Materials - Features a Digital Library with several ASL videos.
Needs Outreach - Information on deafness, materials for deaf students, specialized vocabulary lists/dictionaries, and much more.

Deaf Organizations

Alternative Solutions Center - Links - A deaf run counseling and therapy center
American Association of the Deaf-Blind
Deaf Bilingual Coalition - Advocating for bilingual skills by emphasizing signing first
Deaf Blind International - Information and news on Deaf-blindness
new.jpgDeafhood Foundation The Deafhood Foundation will provide financial, educational and social opportunities to end the economic exploitation of Deaf people. The Foundation aims to free the world from audism and recreate a society where everyone experiences full humanity and celebrates Sign Language.
Deaf People of Color
Deaf Women of Oregon and Washington - Dedicated to improving resources for Deaf women in Oregon and Washington
Deaf Women United - A community of support for Deaf women
Intertribal Deaf Council – a non-profit organization of Deaf and Hard of Hearing American Indians whose goals are similar to many Native American organizations.
National Asian Deaf Congress
National Association of the Deaf - The national organization for Deaf people in the United States
National Black Deaf Advocates - The official organization for Black deaf and hard of hearing individuals
Oregon Association of the Deaf

Interpreter Organizations

American Translator Association
Association of Visual Language Interpreters of Canada (AVLIC) - The professional organization for interpreters in Canada
Blapnet - Social networking for interpreters
Conference of Interpreter Trainers - Information about teaching and mentoring interpreters
European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters
Legal ASL Interpreters, Inc. - Resources for legal Interpreters
National Association of Black Interpreters (NAOBI)
Mano a Mano - Trilingual Spanish interpreting resource
Project TIEM.Online - Teaching Interpreter Educators and Mentors
Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Inc. - The national Organization for sign language interpreters in the United States and Canada
Terp Link - Professional networking for interpreters
World Association of Sign Language Interpreters - Developing the interpreting profession around the world

Interpreter Referral Agencies

ASL Interpreter Network - Interpreter referral in the Puget Sound area
Communication Service for the Deaf - News, information, interpreter referral, community resources


Gallaudet Research Institute
Laboratory for Language and Cognitive Neuroscience - at San Diego State University
Science of Learning on Visual Language and Visual Learning (VL2) - Linguistic information about Sign Languages around the world

Medical Interpreting

Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center - Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
ASL Cancer Education Program for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - University of California, San Diego, Moores Cancer Institute
CATIE Center - The College of St. Catherine Medical Interpreting Program - Bridging medicine and the Deaf world
Health Information Translations in ASL - Quality translations in multiple languages
Mental Health Interpreter Training - The Alabama Mental Health Interpreter Training Project
RID Standard Practice Paper - Interpreting in Health Care Settings

Performing Artists

Abababa - CODA comedian/storyteller; Performed at 2009 RID Conference Closing Ceremonies
Blue River Films - poems and performances by Franky Ramont
D-PAN - Deaf Performing Artists Network
National Theater of the Deaf
The Rosa Lee Show - a unique one-woman multimedia performance featuring the Deaf visual artist Rosa Lee

Professional Development/Publishers of ASL Materials

Accent on Interpreting - providing workshops, mentoring, and CD-Roms
Bridge Communications - Information on workshops and purchase videos
Bilingual Mediation Center, Inc. - Providing linguistic training and workshops
Dawn Sign Press - Videos, workbooks, and other materials available
Gate Communications - education, interpreting referral, DVDs, workshops, ASL classes and more
Harris Communications - Purchase Sign Language materials
Healthy CEUs - Get CEUs for nurturing your mind, body, and spirit
National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers - Find or become a mentor
RID Standard Practice Papers- Guidelines for interpreting in a variety of settings and appropriate professional conduct
Signs of Development - Take workshops online at home
Sign Enhancers - ASL videos, cds, and books
Sign Language Specialists - Online webshops, videos, mentorships and more
new.jpgTerpCast - Through, Sign Language Interpreters learn new skills, vocabulary, and concepts that improve the interpretation services they are able to provide.
new.jpgTerp Savvy - TERP SAVVY is designed to help you reach your career goals as a sign language interpreter. You can participate in online courses from your desk, and receive up-to-date, relevant training that will make you a more knowledgeable, well-rounded, and marketable interpreter.
The Language Door - Workshops in Portland, Or.
The Interpreter's Friend - Extensive vocabulary lists, resources on interpreting in religious, LGBQT, and other specialized settings
Treehouse Video - Video resources for interpreters, teachers, students, and more - Information, news, and updates about Video Relay Interpreting

*Other resources located on Webshops page