Indigenous signs for countries in the South Pacific


Australia (Australia)

(2h)[8], POs away from signer, FOs up, flick to (2h)[open 8] 2x.1 For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see ASL browser - Australia.

Cook Islands (Cook Islands)

(2h)[B], POs up, FOs away from signer, move away + (2h)[F], POs ><, FOs away from signer, alt. poke down while moving away.1 (< NZSL, literally COOK and ISLANDS.)

Fiji (Fiji)

(2h)[3:], each PO > ear, held at their respective ears and shake.1 [< coconut(?).]

Guam (Guam)

[G], PO > NDS, FO away, circles while contacting [S], PO down, FO > DS.

New Zealand (Aotearoa)

(1) NDH [B], PO > DS, FO up. DH [B] slides down palm, then changes to [B^] and touches palm again. For a QuickTime movie of this sign, see NEEDS Outreach: New Zealand. (< Modulation of NEW and their Zed [Z].) (2) (2h)[B], POs away, DH is held so that FT point to "10 o'clock" and NDH is held below it and points to "12 o'clock. For a drawing of this sign, see - you may need to scroll down to see the image.

Samoa (Samoa)

(1) [A], PO > signer, FO up, rubs against cheek in circles.1 (2) FT of [X] taps neck.4

Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka)

[1^], PO down, FO away, circles horizontally (CW as seen from above) above [5], PO up, FO away.1 (< islands distributed like five fingers, and people would point to where on the "palm" they lived, as is done with cities in the state of Michigan.)


(1) [H] stirs inside [O], PO > signer, FO > DS.1(2) (2h)[T], POs > signer, are held with DH held high and NDH held at chest, both hands twist at wrists in place. 2 (< from an indigenous dance.)