ASL Videos

Here is a place to share ASL videos and vlogs for receptive/voicing practice. Please feel free to add to this list!

Free Resources - Medical terms, diseases, etc., described in ASL by Deaf doctors. - Deaf Vlogs.

Deaf Studies Digital Journal - An online video periodical from the Deaf Studies department at Gallaudet

DeafNation Videos

Deaf Tube - An assortment of deaf videos. From the creator of

Food Safety and Inspection Service in ASL - A Youtube channel with videos on food safety. Good for receptive fingerspelling practice, and featuring MJ Bienvineu

Gallaudet Video Library - Videos from Gallaudet University.

National Clearinghouse for Rehabilitation Training Materials - Digital Library (for videos select A/V under material type. KEYWORDS: Deaf, ASL, Interpreter, Sign Language, etc.) These videos tend to be more Signed English.

Oh So EZ - ASL Videos - Videos of Hymns in ASL and links to other video sites.

OIC Movies - ASL videos ranging from news, travel, humor, science and technology, and more.